Thursday, 7th Mar 2019

Today I managed to take the boys to school and go to work even though I was up until 4am vomiting. Amazing! We went to the library after school where Harriet had a great time playing with Cleo and Owen found fellow fans of Beast Quest books in Jude and Mozes.

Wednesday, 6th Mar 2019

Today I went out to a Torchbox social while Owen spent the afternoon with his best friend Eddie. He had such a great time there. I only had 3 drinks, but vomited all night until 4am! Banana was the antidote, I discovered. 

Monday, 4th Mar 2019

Today was Harriet's 2 year check with the health visitor. Owen was quite good until Harriet's bath time where he had a bit of an attention seeking fake cry. In the evening I went to life drawing. Finally the stars collided with the group meeting at Charlbury instead of Spelsbury, and Harriet falling asleep extra early due to skipped nap. So I had no excuse. I did enjoy it!

Sunday, 3rd Mar 2019

Today I was cross with Owen for waking us early and also just a built up of day to day resentments. Perhaps I was a bit harsh. Surprisingly he was quite contrite and didn't retort. I'll try and be nicer to him tomorrow.

Saturday, 2nd Mar 2019

Today we had lunch at Banbury Hill Farm with Daisy, Lou and grandparents to celebrate Harriet's birthday.

Thursday, 28th Feb 2019

Today was Harriet's birthday! Can't believe it's been 2 years since that cutie rushed out of me. We went to the community centre but Owen refused to have tennis lessons. So we bought a cake and went home instead. 

Wednesday, 27th Feb 2019

Today Owen insisted on going to indoor soft play with his friends even though it was a lovely sunny day and I wanted to spend some quality time with him to repair our relationship. Oh well. He seemed to have fun in the end.

Tuesday, 26th Feb 2019

Today Owen refused to go to martial arts and had been crying and fussy. Harriet too. What's wrong with these kids??

Monday, 25th Feb 2019

Today I took Harriet to Little Wild Things for the first time by myself! She was unsure at first but seemed to like it at the end. 

Saturday, 23rd Feb 2019

Today Owen came home from his week long break at grandparents. Harriet was oddly shy with grandpa.

Thursday, 21st Feb 2019

Today was a beautiful sunny day. I took Harriet to Blenheim Palace in the afternoon after work.

Wednesday, 20th Feb 2019

Today I went to the park with Harriet after work and she was excited to see her friends from nursery there as the nursery had brought the children there too.

Tuesday, 19th Feb 2019

Today I took Harriet to Blenheim Palace after work and she was super happy with the train, the geese, the babies and the dogs. Just literally hopping with joy.

Sunday, 17th Feb 2019

Today Owen couldn't wait to get rid of us, so we went home and left him behind with grandparents for half term.