Monday, 21st Jun 2010

Today was summer solstice. We worked on the allotment till late and saw a beautiful sunset.

Saturday, 19th Jun 2010

Today we started work on my allotment. I felt bad killing the 'weeds'. Gardening for now seems to be mostly about killing.

Thursday, 17th Jun 2010

Today I was exhausted from work and all the excitement of the week, and so I stayed at home (to read the gardening books) while Peter went out to meet our Oxford Flickr friends.

Tuesday, 15th Jun 2010

Today was a great day for me. I formally became the proud owner of an allotment, I also attended the Oxford City Go Club for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed my first game with a human that isn't Peter.

Saturday, 12th Jun 2010

Today I went to view an allotment plot, they seemed to think I was a gardening idiot, but I would really like to try.

Thursday, 10th Jun 2010

Today was Peter's birthday, I finally got to play with the slate and clamshell Go set that I got him.

Tuesday, 8th Jun 2010

Today Peter accepted the job in Plymouth, and we got excited about upcoming changes such as long distance relationship and the sea.

Monday, 7th Jun 2010

Today I went to Suzy's for games night (despite the rain). We played Carcassonne and I won!

Sunday, 6th Jun 2010

Today I played a four hour game of igo with Peter, and lost by only 4 moku after much whining.

Saturday, 5th Jun 2010

Today I nursed a migraine for half a day. Why do I always get migraine after driving lessons on Saturdays?

Friday, 4th Jun 2010

Today I wished Peter's birthday would come sooner so I could give him his present.

Wednesday, 2nd Jun 2010

Today I reminded myself that being around people I dislike is a good learning experience for me.