Sunday, 22nd Sep 2019

Today we went to Lydia's house in London to celebrate Artie's birthday. The children went wild with fun. I made balloon animals!

Saturday, 21st Sep 2019

Today we went to the Charlbury Street Fair a bit too early, but had a lovely picnic at the Memorial Hall, and cake for lunch. Owen won a teddy!

Friday, 20th Sep 2019

Today I felt empowered working on a project I had dreaded at work, but which was now suddenly all simple and clear to me. Level up!

Thursday, 19th Sep 2019

Today the lounge was filled with balloon animals when the children woke. It was a lovely surprise and they thought I was the best. :)

Wednesday, 18th Sep 2019

Today the balloons I ordered arrived and Owen and I learnt to make balloon animals by watching Youtube videos. It was so addictive I stayed up till 2am making them! The children were well impressed.

Sunday, 15th Sep 2019

Today after 2 days of swearing, I finally managed to put my new drawing blog (without content) up on Heroku, with Amazon S3, Cloudflare and all that fashionable bells and whistles. So it was just one word I missed which stumped me all weekend, and made a 2hr task into a 2 days one. But it's up there now! More details coming soon...

Wednesday, 21st Aug 2019

Today Harriet played and painted in the garden, and then we went to feed Eddie's guinea piggies, so cute! I wish they would let me cuddle, but they were too scared of us.

Tuesday, 20th Aug 2019

Today I took Harriet to the library and park after work/nursery. She played for a long time with Aidan. In the evening I watched some tutorials on logo and type designs and felt very inspired.

Monday, 19th Aug 2019

Today I was lazy so I stayed home with Harriet all day and didn't take her out though I wasn't working. The weather was terrible too. So we did a bit of baking (scones).

Sunday, 18th Aug 2019

Today we took Harriet to soft play and I even got to read magazines on my iPad. I do miss Owen though, who's staying with grandparents.

Saturday, 17th Aug 2019

Today we came back from our holiday at Cornwall. Harriet kept saying she wanted to go back to the caravan and the seaside. She doesn't understand how far away it is and how someone else would be staying there tonight.

Monday, 1st Jul 2019

Today I took Harriet to the library and she was so cute and clever, everyone thought she was adorable. She's a good girl again. Fingers crossed! We ran into her nursery friend, Evan, and they played together in the park. 

Sunday, 30th Jun 2019

Today we took the children to Cutteslowe Park to play and to go on the miniature trains. 

Saturday, 29th Jun 2019

Today was one of the hottest days in the year. We stayed home sensibly and I had a migraine all day, so was in bed while Peter tended to the children.

Friday, 28th Jun 2019

Today Harriet let us put her to bed without protest. She even lay in bed awake for ages before falling asleep and yet didn't cry or shout for us. Hurrah! She's fixed!

Thursday, 27th Jun 2019

Today I think I love Harriet a little less. She still wasn't sleeping and I was half dead. On the plus side I had yoga at lunch break today and started on a shiny new project at work.

Wednesday, 26th Jun 2019

Today Harriet woke us all up again so we were all tired. We had a BBQ at work. After I picked up Owen from school, I had a cup of espresso and fell into a deep coma on the sofa.

Tuesday, 25th Jun 2019

Today Harriet continued to protest at bedtime. This time she took off all her clothes including nappies and we found her bed wet with pee in the morning. After school I took the kids to soft play and we ate loads and loads of pizza. It was super good!

Monday, 24th Jun 2019

Today Harriet continued to not sleep. I was too tired to take Harriet out, so we stayed home.