Thursday, 4th Apr 2019

Today Eddie came over to play at our house. Yes! I can handle play dates. Now I just have to throw some dinner parties.

Wednesday, 3rd Apr 2019

Today I had a lovely chat with Georgie at lunch and found out we had even more things in common. How nice. I drove out to Witney with Owen after work to get an MDF board only to find it didn't fit in my car.

Tuesday, 2nd Apr 2019

Today was only the second day of the month and I couldn't wait longer to get my fix at Jackson's. I took the children to the park and they had so much fun playing with Maddie.

Monday, 1st Apr 2019

Today I tidied up my Etsy shop and snooped around at competitor shops and actually quite admired one of them. Finally added a new product to my shop.

Sunday, 31st Mar 2019

Today I went a bit mad about the  ‎麻の葉 (asanoha) pattern and kept up all night thinking about it, as well as woke Peter up. :P

Saturday, 30th Mar 2019

Today I searched and thought and thought and searched, determined to find a way to do screen printing (with photo emulsion) at home. Had been looking at all manner of hardware, tools and machinery. The clocks changed! 

Friday, 29th Mar 2019

Today I signed up for the LoveLiveDrawing online course though it was quite expensive, but I like the people running it and want to support their effort. Also I'm sure it will be really good. 

Thursday, 28th Mar 2019

Today a dear friend in Singapore passed away after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 3 years ago. 

Wednesday, 27th Mar 2019

Today I was extraordinarily tired. We went to the library and Owen played for a long time with Maddie while I spaced out. In the evening we finished Russian Doll on Netflix and loved it!

Tuesday, 26th Mar 2019

Today was supposed to be quality time with Owen after school, but he was rude and mean to me, so I just did my own things.

Monday, 25th Mar 2019

Today I took Harriet to Little Wild Things but she was quite clingy to me, saying 'forest scary. T.rex in forest, roar'. In the afternoon we went to play at Maddie's house.

Saturday, 23rd Mar 2019

Today the children were very happy and funny though all we did was stay at home. I made more sketchbooks in the evening till very late. 

Friday, 22nd Mar 2019

Today I was extremely tired as Harriet had woke up in the night at 2am to breastfeed. So no art or craft this evening, just Netflix.

Thursday, 21st Mar 2019

Today Owen went to Tennis lesson with Eddie while Harriet played with her friend Cleo at the library. Afterwards we went to play at the park and it was actually quite warm and lovely.

Tuesday, 19th Mar 2019

Today Owen's teacher called to say another child had hit Owen's face with a plank of wood by accident. Poor him, he had quite a nasty bruise (going to be a black eye) and seemed quite shaken.

Monday, 18th Mar 2019

Today I took Harriet to Witney without a stroller and she was very excited to walk though I did end up having to carry her and hurting my back. I also attended Owen's parents teachers review meeting.

Sunday, 17th Mar 2019

Today we were all poorly and tired and lazy and so didn't go out. Poor Harriet really wanted to go out and was very sad.