Tuesday, 21st May 2019

Today was one of those days I burst into tears at work, finding it too much to cope. I can't understand why other parents don't find non-uniform days a bother at all. It's one of those days I felt like a lousy parent. Why couldn't I breeze through work, 2 kids, household chores, family shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc, like everyone else? And remember to put milk in the fridge, close our front door, bring my laptop to work, bring Harriet's water bottle and nappies, bring the correct children hats for the weather, lock the car, put the children's food in the fridge when I arrive in office, take them out when leaving, turn the oven on as soon as I reached home, put the bins back after the bin collection, lock the car, add beer to Ocado order, take Harriet's leftover avocado from my bag to the fridge, lock the car. Peter was very understanding and surprised me by actually going to Sainsbury during his lunch break and got Owen new t-shirts, dinner and even chocolates for me! Drats. Forgot to eat the chocs and now it's bedtime.