Friday, 5th Nov 2010

Today Peter came to visit me in Oxford, and I spent all evening playing Go and discussing it with him.

Thursday, 4th Nov 2010

Today I spent all evening... guess what? Yes, I spent all evening practicing Go and reading the new issue of British Go Journal from BGA.

Wednesday, 3rd Nov 2010

Today I spent another evening doing Go puzzles and reading. I must seem like such a boring person to most people, but I'm really having fun.

Monday, 1st Nov 2010

Today I spent all evening playing variations of the same game of Go against the AI. It can be highly addictive to go back in time to correct your mistakes.

Saturday, 30th Oct 2010

Today I spent all evening attempting to solve logic puzzles that people have sent me. What a waste of time but I couldn't stop myself.

Thursday, 28th Oct 2010

Today I went to the Oxford City Go club and enjoyed myself. It felt like a long time since I last went out.

Tuesday, 26th Oct 2010

Today I played Go against the computer because it was too cold and wet to venture to the Go club.

Monday, 25th Oct 2010

Today I ate loads of junk while solving puzzles and cosying up in front of the radiator, listening to Chopin. It's that kind of Monday.

Sunday, 24th Oct 2010

Today Peter and I had a wonderful Sunday roast lunch at The Anchor pub. And then it was sad to see him off to Plymouth again.