Tuesday, 23rd Jun 2020

Today I got my Cloudflare worker working to update my art website with the price and quantity from my Etsy shop listing. Woohoo!

Saturday, 20th Jun 2020

Today grandparents came to visit, and Daisy & Lou too! We had a lovely picnic and walk, the children were elated. In the evening, we played The Mind with Daisy & Lou and had loads of fun.

Thursday, 18th Jun 2020

Today I worked more with Cloudflare Workers, getting more and more excited. How I love both web dev and art, so different and equally loved. My wife and mistress.

Tuesday, 16th Jun 2020

Today I spent the morning designing and practising my artist signature. In the afternoon Maddie came round for play date. We had pub takeaway dinner for the first time (pulled pork wraps). In the evening we just watched telly and have an early night. We watched Spy and laughed and laughed.

Monday, 15th Jun 2020

Today I did some printmaking experiments which finished before midnight (early for me), but then spent another hour admiring my Instagram post, and went to bed late again.

Sunday, 14th Jun 2020

Today I booked July holidays for the family. Fingers crossed we're allowed holidays by then!

Friday, 20th Mar 2020

Today I worked very long and hard rushing out some piece of work for the Coronavirus related content. We had been self isolating for nearly a week, trying to work from home with the kids at home too. I probably had been overcompensating for the distractions, working late to 'make up for time' while struggling with supplies anxiety and a cough. Glad it is nearly the weekend as I am nearly burnt out. Won't work so hard next week.

Saturday, 25th Jan 2020

Today was Chinese New Year. I woke up then went back to bed, eventually got out of bed at 11am! Wouldn't have been allowed to do that on the first day of CNY in my household back then. But now that I am the matriarch, I make my own rules. The children were elated to receive money in their red packets. We went to Witney and had sushi for dinner.

Thursday, 23rd Jan 2020

Today I finally got to take the kids to the library and park. Owen and Harriet played with Eddie and Maddie at the kids runaround. 

Wednesday, 22nd Jan 2020

Today the website launch went well. Woo! It was just a soft launch, but I felt the adrenaline. Nice to be part of a project and not just hot fixing here and there. And I love my team.

Monday, 20th Jan 2020

Today was such a beautiful sunny day. After we picked up Owen from school, Harriet, Owen & I walked the scenic route home (about 1hr) and we all had such a lovely time. The 2 kids are so good together. I was also amazed at how much Harriet could walk these days.

Sunday, 19th Jan 2020

Today Peter took the children to the park to get them out of my hair. As an exchange, I baked them a lovely lemon drizzle cake. Owen said he liked lemon drizzle cake even more than chocolate cake.

Saturday, 18th Jan 2020

Today we tried out the new cafe and M&S food hall at Chipping Norton. Afterwards we went to our favourite book shop, Jaffe & Neale. Really glad and proud that Owen is a bookworm like us.

Wednesday, 15th Jan 2020

Today I got to sketch a bit in the car before picking up kids. And then again in the evening. Win!

Tuesday, 14th Jan 2020

Today I still didn't manage to do any drawing, actually blocked by having too many ideas. In the evening we continue watching BBC's Dracula. It is fabulous, I love the adaptation.