Thursday, 2nd Feb 2017

Today Owen was still feeling poorly, so I worked from home and took turns with Peter to look after him.

Wednesday, 1st Feb 2017

Today I found out that I had to surrender my laptop to my workplace while on maternity leave! Spending all evening backing up data and feeling rather insecure. Owen was still unwell, and Peter had to take a day off work to look after him. In the morning I had to leave for work before he woke.  He cried when he woke up later and found I had gone to work.

Tuesday, 31st Jan 2017

Today Owen was still feeling miserable. He had to have biscuits for lunch and dinner and had to watch loads of TV. Apparently this nasty bug has been affecting loads of children and grownups at his nursery. Fingers crossed Peter and I won't catch it!

Monday, 30th Jan 2017

Today poor Owen was feeling very poorly and been vomiting all day and didn't even want to watch TV!

Sunday, 29th Jan 2017

Today Owen went out for a walk with his best friend, and then went to play at his house. He had so much fun he fell asleep in the car park when we went to Witney later.

Saturday, 28th Jan 2017

Today we stayed in waiting for something to be delivered but it was cancelled in the end. I spent some time playing with my new De Atramentis fountain pen inks and doing more sketching. A little obsessed about it at the moment.

Friday, 27th Jan 2017

Today again I sketched in the evening and didn't watch telly or sit on the sofa at all.

Thursday, 26th Jan 2017

Today I didn't sit on the sofa all day! I spent the evening sketching and painting (also a bit of shopping).

Tuesday, 24th Jan 2017

Today we went to the hospital for the 36 weeks ultrasound scan of the baby. Afterwards we took Owen to the Natural History Museum in Oxford where he had such a great time he didn't want to go home.