Sunday, 1st Jan 2017

Today was New Year's Day. True to my resolutions, I wrote something, sketched something, took a picture, and slept till nearly noon (Owen was ill from cold, so he snoozed till nearly noon!)

Friday, 30th Dec 2016

Today we finally came back home, Owen was sad to leave grandparents, but was also very happy when we reached home, especially after a good nap in the car.

Thursday, 29th Dec 2016

Today Peter's best friends from Hong Kong came and visit us at Peter's parents' house, and we had fun catching up.

Monday, 26th Dec 2016

Today Peter and his parents too Owen to the park, and he had loads of fun. Afterwards he had more presents.

Sunday, 25th Dec 2016

Today was Christmas Day. We were super excited for Owen, and he was spoilt with many presents.

Saturday, 24th Dec 2016

Today was Christmas Eve. Grandparents took Owen to the Christmas service (I didn't go), and he was a very good boy.

Friday, 23rd Dec 2016

Today I had a migraine and woke up late. Grandma took Owen for a walk to post a letter, and had fun playing in puddles.