Wednesday, 2nd Jun 2010

Today I reminded myself that being around people I dislike is a good learning experience for me.

Monday, 31st May 2010

Today I went out for breakfast with friends and then came home for a nap, it was a good bank holiday.

Saturday, 29th May 2010

Today I wrapped Peter's birthday present but he refused to open it before his birthday despite my impatience.

Friday, 28th May 2010

Today I had great fun meeting up with friends for dinner and going to Son et Lumière at Pitt Rivers Museum. I should go out more.

Thursday, 27th May 2010

Today I forgot to brush my teeth in the morning or did I forget that I had brushed them? Luckily no one tried to kiss me.

Wednesday, 26th May 2010

Today my broadband at home broke again. That's why I can never cancel my mobile broadband subscription. Annoying.