Thursday, 1st Apr 2010

Today I fell for an April Fool's trick that Darwin and Chris played on me on our way to work.

Tuesday, 30th Mar 2010

Today I ate loads and loads of vegetables, but still more to finish before we leave for Easter on Friday.

Monday, 29th Mar 2010

Today I watched Gosford Park, and perhaps made too much effort in speculating who did it, but I got it right!

Sunday, 28th Mar 2010

Today I read up on the UK government for my upcoming Life in the UK test, and found it really interesting.

Sunday, 21st Mar 2010

Today I heard Frank Cottrell Boyce (on Desert Island Discs) describe himself as being 'boringly happy', and found it thought provoking.

Saturday, 20th Mar 2010

Today I listened to a million versions of 'If I had a hammer', and then played it on the ukulele, annoying everyone within earshot.

Wednesday, 17th Mar 2010

Today I reached home after 15 hours of travelling via train, and the world wouldn't stop swaying afterwards.

Tuesday, 16th Mar 2010

Today was our last day of skiing and I regret that I wasn't more fearless. Next time maybe?