Friday, 1st Oct 2010

Today we had a party to send Pav off, and we weren't allowed to say the 'G' word. Only knew him for a short time, but sad to see him go.

Tuesday, 28th Sep 2010

Today I played Go with Neil at the Oxford Go club and beat him again, yes! But I fear a comeback as he's getting stronger everytime.

Friday, 24th Sep 2010

Today I finally got to eat the steak at The Fishes that was suspended for Peter's graduation.

Monday, 20th Sep 2010

Today I chatted to a friend about my youth, and felt remorseful about the selfish and cruel things that I did.

Sunday, 19th Sep 2010

Today I went to Gareth's for lunch, and brought him balloons from last night. Unfortunately they were already losing bouyancy.

Saturday, 18th Sep 2010

Today I went to the Torchbox 10 year anniversary party and had a great time. I'm lucky to have such wonderful colleagues.

Sunday, 12th Sep 2010

Today was a glorious day. I woke up at 8am to do laundry and then went for a walk in the park.