Saturday, 30th Oct 2010

Today I spent all evening attempting to solve logic puzzles that people have sent me. What a waste of time but I couldn't stop myself.

Thursday, 28th Oct 2010

Today I went to the Oxford City Go club and enjoyed myself. It felt like a long time since I last went out.

Tuesday, 26th Oct 2010

Today I played Go against the computer because it was too cold and wet to venture to the Go club.

Monday, 25th Oct 2010

Today I ate loads of junk while solving puzzles and cosying up in front of the radiator, listening to Chopin. It's that kind of Monday.

Sunday, 24th Oct 2010

Today Peter and I had a wonderful Sunday roast lunch at The Anchor pub. And then it was sad to see him off to Plymouth again.

Thursday, 21st Oct 2010

Today inspired by Hofstadter's essay on self-referential sentences in Metamagical Themas, I decided to end this sentence with self-reference.

Wednesday, 20th Oct 2010

Today I listened to an old recording of Rachmaninoff playing Chopin's Nocturne Op.9 No.2 on repeats. What a startlingly beautiful rendition.

Monday, 18th Oct 2010

Today I went to the Oxford University Go club and got shouted at by a random drunk bitch on my way home. Why didn't I punch her? Why?

Friday, 15th Oct 2010

Today I spent the entire evening clearing up my wardrobe: putting away summer clothes, taking out winter clothes, sneezing all the way.

Wednesday, 13th Oct 2010

Today I looked at Peter's graduation photos and thought he looked so charming. Why am I being weird and mushy?