Thursday, 20th Sep 2018

Today we to the Maker's market at our village with the children for dinner and came home quite late. Harriet woke us all in the night.

Wednesday, 19th Sep 2018

Today I found out I won £5.80 in yesterday's Euromillions draw! I don't often play, so it was kind of lucky. In the evening we watched more Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (season 2) as it is getting incredibly suspenseful.

Tuesday, 18th Sep 2018

Today I was tired from a bad night and also a bad cough and didn't go out. I opened my Etsy shop selling (one) handmade sketchbook. I hope no one buys it as otherwise I would have to close shop.

Monday, 17th Sep 2018

Today I took Harriet to the toddler group in the morning. In the afternoon Harriet insisted on walking her toy pram with her toy baby to the park and back, which is quite a long way!

Friday, 14th Sep 2018

Today we went to lunch at The Plough at Finstock to say goodbye to Tomasz who was going to move back to uni.

Tuesday, 11th Sep 2018

Today Harriet made me sing Baa Baa Black Sheep countless times and Alexa had to play it on a loop on our Echo Dot. 

Monday, 10th Sep 2018

Today I took Harriet to the toddler group and then went to pick up Owen after school. This was my first non-working day since Owen started school.

Sunday, 9th Sep 2018

Today we went to Witney to watch The Incredibles 2 at the cinema, and Harriet especially liked the superhero baby. Hope she won't use that as a role model. In the evening, I started knitting a jumper for Harriet.

Saturday, 8th Sep 2018

Today we met up with Alice and Simon for lunch. Harriet kept calling them 'mummy' and 'daddy' and Owen called Simon 'Grandpa'! 

Friday, 7th Sep 2018

Today we close shop early at work to go punting in Oxford, and Peter and the children came too! 

Thursday, 6th Sep 2018

Today I went to work bright and early, and even got the best parking spot, but forgot to bring my laptop! So had to go home and work from home. In the afternoon we installed the new car seat for Owen.

Monday, 3rd Sep 2018

Today Daisy dropped by for a quick lunch with us. Afterwards I took Owen to the library and watched him play with his friends.

Sunday, 2nd Sep 2018

Today we was sunny and warm again, and we took the children to Cutteslowe Park. The miniature railway was amazing! Owen and I rode on it 4 times. He also played at the waterpark. We all had a great time. A fitting end to the summer holidays before school starts for Owen next week!

Saturday, 1st Sep 2018

Today we went to our favourite bookshop in Chipping Norton. Harriet pooped twice while we were in the bookshop. And I ate 2 packets of crisps in the evening. Not related.