Sunday, 21st Nov 2010

Today I worked on my kifu repository Django application, and forgot everything else (and I baked another cake... Shhh).

Saturday, 20th Nov 2010

Today I didn't have driving lesson, so I spent all morning (since 8:30am) watching TED talk videos and laughing loudly.

Thursday, 18th Nov 2010

Today I went out to James' leaving do. It was great going out with my colleagues, but sad to lose one.

Tuesday, 16th Nov 2010

Today was too cold to go out to the Go club, so I stayed home and roasted a pheasant instead.

Monday, 15th Nov 2010

Today I was obsessed with the home made apple cake which I had brought to offer my colleagues.

Friday, 12th Nov 2010

Today I went wine tasting *hic* and got sick all night in the handy kitchen compost caddy.

Thursday, 11th Nov 2010

Today I made fennel tagliatelle for dinner, and then jumped into bed early with my angora hoodie, woolly socks, duvet, iPad, and the electric heater next to my bed.

Friday, 5th Nov 2010

Today Peter came to visit me in Oxford, and I spent all evening playing Go and discussing it with him.

Thursday, 4th Nov 2010

Today I spent all evening... guess what? Yes, I spent all evening practicing Go and reading the new issue of British Go Journal from BGA.