Tuesday, 8th Mar 2011

Today I kneaded and slapped my dough (Robert Bertinet style). My downstairs neighbour must think I'm into S&M.

Sunday, 6th Mar 2011

Today was a beautiful sunny day. I meant to do some work at the allotment, but ended up making bread all day instead.

Thursday, 3rd Mar 2011

Today I didn't go out to meet up with friends because I couldn't unlock my bike. I kinda regretted not walking.

Monday, 28th Feb 2011

Today I watched telly, and didn't bake. Really. Though I did make and froze some dough.

Friday, 25th Feb 2011

Today I dabbled in the dark arts of wild yeast conjuring. Saccharomyces exiguus, Lactobacillus! (Sounds like something Harry Porter would say.)

Sunday, 20th Feb 2011

Today I went to watch Never Let Me Go with Peter, and then sadly let him go back to Plymouth.