Saturday, 8th Jan 2011

Today I decided to start tracking my expenses so I can spend less. Of course I started by shopping for an app for it.

Wednesday, 5th Jan 2011

Today I woke up in the middle of the night, knocked on my neighbour's door and exclaimed, '1 AM!'.

Monday, 3rd Jan 2011

Today I tried to cherish my last day with Peter before he went back to Plymouth. But how do you cherish time?

Sunday, 2nd Jan 2011

Today I finished reading my first novel this year. It was a scary one (John Wyndham's Web).

Friday, 31st Dec 2010

Today we did laundry, made resolutions, ate loads of food, and watched loads of telly while waiting for the new year.

Tuesday, 28th Dec 2010

Today we came back to Oxford and watched Doctor Who Christmas Special, and cried a little.