Friday, 13th May 2011

Today I stayed home and watched telly (an English movie named, French Film) on BBC iPlayer.


Wednesday, 11th May 2011

Today I spent most of the day thinking of my brownies, and spent the night searching for cheap UK web hosts.

Sunday, 8th May 2011

Today I planted new plants at my allotment to replace the ones killed by frost. Then I fed the ducks my super sweet experimental apple bread.

Saturday, 7th May 2011

Today I went to the library and borrowed 6 books. I then stayed home and had a nice quiet time reading, baking, and e-painting. Let it rain.

Friday, 6th May 2011

Today I was disappointed by the AV referendum results. How many times do I have to remind myself that most people are not like me?

Wednesday, 4th May 2011

Today Akachan (my Ford KA) went away to the scrap yard in the sky. I felt sadder than expected and made some bread to console myself.

Tuesday, 3rd May 2011

Today I started work again after the super nice long holidays, and it wasn't too bad actually.

Monday, 2nd May 2011

Today Peter and I had a lovely pub lunch at The Perch pub, and then he left to go back to Plymouth. Was a great holiday!

Wednesday, 27th Apr 2011

Today we worked hard at the allotment and planted 5 tomato plants. Fingers crossed, hopefully no blight this time.

Tuesday, 26th Apr 2011

Today we left Peter's parents to come back to Oxford. The weather had turned cold again. We stayed indoors and watched Doctor Who and Aliens (not in one film, good idea though).

Monday, 25th Apr 2011

Today we sat outside and played Go. I beat Peter for the first time without a handicap. We then lay on the lawn and took turns to read John Wyndham's The Kraken Wakes.

Sunday, 24th Apr 2011

Today we had an Easter hunt, played croquet on the lawn, had a BBQ and then sat by the chimenea, watching starlight when the solution to a 6 month old problem came to me.