Wednesday, 22nd Jun 2011

Today I sent some poems to a poetry writing competition. Had a great time daydreaming about winning, not unlike buying lottery.

Monday, 20th Jun 2011

Today I dreamt that I had a tiny cute baby. It vomitted on my library books though, and was making a mess everywhere. Was it really a dream?

Sunday, 12th Jun 2011

Today we waited drenched in wind and rain for our missing bus home at the top of a coastal cliff. Finally some kind souls gave us a lift. People are wonderful.

Friday, 10th Jun 2011

Today Peter and I spent all day soaking in a hot tub, in the rain and sun and day and night.

Thursday, 9th Jun 2011

Today I took Peter to a surprise holiday lodge in Cornwall to celebrate his birthday, and the dolphins joined us.

Wednesday, 8th Jun 2011

Today I worked long and hard, typing away in the dark, like investigators or hackers on telly.

Tuesday, 7th Jun 2011

Today I spent my evening working hard on the website again. Hope to be able to watch Doctor Who some time soon.

Sunday, 5th Jun 2011

Today I did laundry (finally got to chat with my neighbour!) and then worked long and hard on a website.

Friday, 3rd Jun 2011

Today I had a great time catching up with friends for lunch at Edamame and then coffee at Combibos.

Friday, 3rd Jun 2011

Today I gave the new bread machine one last chance to do a simple task. Strike 3 and it's out.