Tuesday, 20th Sep 2011

Today I pretended to be a student and did maths homework (at Khan Academy) in the evening. How come it wasn't so much fun back then?

Monday, 19th Sep 2011

Today I finished watching Torchwood, and started studying on Khan Academy again. No more telly.

Saturday, 17th Sep 2011

Today I finished all of The Killing season 1 and was left feeling dazed and aimless now that Nanna's killer has been found.

Friday, 16th Sep 2011

Today I didn't sleep well because I never sleep well when there's bread dough in the room. I kept dreaming about it overproofing and overtaking the world.

Sunday, 11th Sep 2011

Today I did the usual weekend stuff: lie-in, radio, allotment, self studying (Khan Academy), make bread, telly.

Friday, 9th Sep 2011

Today I watched a horrible film (Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In) at the cinema, and couldn't stop thinking about it.

Friday, 9th Sep 2011

Today I was dead tired in the evening, and didn't do much but stoned in front of telly (BBC iPlayer). Weekends are great.

Thursday, 8th Sep 2011

Today I woke up from a stressful dream about missing my connecting flight in Iraq. I can't imagine what inspired it. I haven't been feeling stressed at all.

Sunday, 4th Sep 2011

Today I got hooked on more Finance videos from Khan Academy, and I forgot to watch Doctor Who.