Thursday, 8th Nov 2018

Today I started working on some linocut! Only managed to drew on the lino and then it was too late in the night to start carving. 

Wednesday, 7th Nov 2018

Today I worked on Drupal again all day. I spent all evening making a pompom (using a can opener) for the hand knitted hat I made for Eddie's baby sister. Possibly didn't do it optimally.

Tuesday, 6th Nov 2018

Today I finally slipped and ordered art supplies from Jacksons Art again. There was a sale! And it's partly for my Etsy business, I'll make money out of it someday. And we've just bought a car, which costs a lot more. These seemed good reasons in my head at that time.

Monday, 5th Nov 2018

Today Harriet finally got better, but we didn't go to the toddler group just in case it was contagious. She was quite bored at home all day and so was Owen.

Sunday, 4th Nov 2018

Today Harriet vomited again and again all night and day so there was no rest for us. Poor Owen was neglected, though he loved drawing and writing his own books using the little accordion booklets I made him.

Saturday, 3rd Nov 2018

Today the car was delivered but it was a bit disappointing, and some mess up about the papers etc. I don't want to care anymore. It's just a car. Poor children were hungry and confused while we sorted it out. In the evening we contemplated stealing from Owen's halloween booty.

Friday, 2nd Nov 2018

Today we bought a car! Yay! No more car shopping. Hopefully now I can get on with my life and drawing. Poor Owen is poorly and went straight to bed after dinner.

Thursday, 1st Nov 2018

Today I looked at cars. No more please! On the bright side, the 2.5kg of chocolate I ordered online arrived. Yay and yum!

Wednesday, 31st Oct 2018

Today we went trick or treating with the children for the first time! It was a lovely night and we went with his next door best friend, Eddie, and everyone were super excited, especially Harriet who couldn't stop chatting in excitement.

Sunday, 28th Oct 2018

Today Peter took the children to a birthday party while I stayed home nursing my migraine which didn't go away until long past midnight and so I lost the entire day!

Thursday, 25th Oct 2018

Today we drove back home. When home, I folded a sketchbook in record time! 26mins! This previously took me more than an hour. So my new methods worked brilliantly. Feeling smug and clever.

Wednesday, 24th Oct 2018

Today Owen and Harriet were bored and asking for grandpa. I woke up late as Harriet woke me up in the night.

Tuesday, 23rd Oct 2018

Today Grandparents went away to babysit for Peter's sister in London, and we took the children to tea and scones.

Monday, 22nd Oct 2018

Today we went to the Science Museum in London, and the Natural History Museum too. Harriet didn't nap!

Sunday, 21st Oct 2018

Today we drove to Grandparents' house, and the children behaved marvellously on the journey, and Owen didn't even ask for the iPad or snacks.

Saturday, 20th Oct 2018

Today Owen went to Albie's birthday party and had a great time. Harriet cried and cried and wouldn't nap.