Monday, 7th Jan 2019

Today I had a migraine from forgetting caffeine yesterday, and so couldn't take Harriet to toddler group or to do something more interesting. When I went to get Owen from school, he had a tantrum about the teachers (and me) not letting him eat the sweets from his classmate's birthday while at school. Though afterwards we had a big talk about sugars and sweeties and he seemed to understand. I just wish people would stop giving out bags of sweets in school. 

Sunday, 6th Jan 2019

Today we went to Witney to get supplies and then I spent 3hrs making a massive dinner to freeze for the week. I felt better after having a little snooze in the morning. So thankful for our lovely children. They were especially endearing at bedtime, such happy little things. I'll try my best to savour every bit of it.

Saturday, 5th Jan 2019

Today we went to Banbury Hill Farm for a walk. Harriet didn't have a walk and was a handful.

Friday, 4th Jan 2019

Today I especially arranged for Harriet to be at nursery so I could take Owen out on a bus trip to Oxford. It was a beautiful sunny day too and we had a great time. As a result of so much happiness, he had been a super good boy, and was extra nice to Harriet in the evening, so she was happy too. It was a perfect day.

Thursday, 3rd Jan 2019

Today Owen finally came home! Harriet was overexcited about that and about seeing Daisy, so she was very hyper and noisy, driving Owen to tears! Suddenly I was very busy and flustered again.

Wednesday, 2nd Jan 2019

Today I stayed home with Harriet and didn't do very much. Owen decided to stay another day at grandparent's house. Harriet was busy feeding and changing nappies for her babies and puppy and Mickey Mouse, and so I sat around and relaxed while she fretted.

Tuesday, 1st Jan 2019

Today was happy new year! We didn't do much as it was too cold and rainy for a walk. Harriet ate loads and loads. We did more spring cleaning. Come to think of it, I didn't do very much at all. It's bank holiday, new year resolutions start tomorrow.

Monday, 31st Dec 2018

Today was New Year's eve. Peter got back to work and I was home with Harriet all day, doing some spring cleaning.

Sunday, 30th Dec 2018

Today Harriet was super happy. We spent some time doing some spring cleaning in the house, putting away old toys to make way for the new ones. Still so much to do. I wish I had more time!

Saturday, 29th Dec 2018

Today we packed up and drove home in the evening. Owen couldn't wait to get rid of us so he could have grandparents all to himself.

Friday, 28th Dec 2018

Today the jigsaw puzzle we had been working on got completed while I had a lie-in. So in the evening I could actually pay attention to the telly now. I also decided on my new resolutions for 2019.

Thursday, 27th Dec 2018

Today the everyone went for a walk at some national trust place while I stayed in to enjoy a rare moment of solitude. It’s very hard to come by these days. Though I couldn’t think of what to do and ended up cleaning and tidying instead. Maybe should make new year resolution to reclaim reconnect with solitude.

Wednesday, 26th Dec 2018

Today was Boxing Day. We saw auntie Gill and auntie Fiona. The kids have started to have more tantrums. But Owen is a good kid overall. Love him.

Tuesday, 25th Dec 2018

Today was Christmas Day and glad that the Owen and Harriet loved their presents (espythe baby dolls ones) though Harriet might have gotten greedy and was crawling under the tree saying ‘more presents’. They both did well with their Christmas dinner.

Monday, 24th Dec 2018

Today was Christmas Eve. The kids were excited about Christmas. Really good to have Lou here this year too. 

Sunday, 23rd Dec 2018

Today Harriet threw up all over her bed and herself in the morning. Luckily she didn't throw up all day. 

Saturday, 22nd Dec 2018

Today we drove to grandparent's house and the traffic was good so we arrived early! Packing wasn't too bad either, Harriet only cried a little and Owen was great.

Thursday, 20th Dec 2018

Today I worked from home and time flew. Harriet threw a hissy fit on the way home from nursery and I had to force her into the buggy where she screamed and screamed for a long time. We then went to the maker's market at the village hall to buy some food for dinner and she was screaming and crying the whole time I held her.

Wednesday, 19th Dec 2018

Today I went to work, and in the evening worked more at Santa workshop. We finished watching season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.