Sunday, 1st Jul 2018

Today we didn't go to Daisy's BBQ. I was busy organising things for the family and doing online shopping for children's clothes, grocery etc. I also started the Sktchy subscription just to try it out, and maybe I am just a little hooked.

Saturday, 30th Jun 2018

Today we went to Witney to do shopping etc. We forgot Harriet's shoes so she was walking around barefooted. We then bought her some sandals. She threw a tantrum about wanting a toy tiger in the charity shop. Though we almost never give in to demands in a shop, we got it for her. Hope she won't remember this tactic next time.

Friday, 29th Jun 2018

Today was another very hot day again. I did a drawing with watercolour pencils in the evening.

Thursday, 28th Jun 2018

Today we watched Passengers on NowTV. I think it would have been nicer if they had gone for an ironic ending instead of a happy one. During lunch we went to Banbury Hill Farm for Roz's farewell lunch.

Wednesday, 27th Jun 2018

Today I was sleepy all day as Harriet woke up at 6am (and then climbed all over our bed, shredding tissues everywhere). In the evening I did a self portrait in watercolour.

Tuesday, 26th Jun 2018

Today Owen went to his new primary school for a taster session for 2 hours. Exciting! In the evening Peter went to a parents meeting there until 7pm and so we didn't have dinner.

Monday, 25th Jun 2018

Today Peter took the children out to Maddie's house to play, so I got the whole afternoon to myself! I didn't know what to do... so I did some laundry, went to the library, ate an ice lolly, and then fell asleep on the sofa at home and didn't do any sketching or anything more exciting.

Sunday, 24th Jun 2018

Today was sunny again. The children had fun playing in grandparent's lovely garden and I even got to do some plein air sketching of the English garden. In the evening we drove back home. Both children slept well. Amazing.

Saturday, 23rd Jun 2018

Today we packed and drove to Peter's parent's house for the weekend to attend his mum's 60th birthday party. The children were amazingly good and none of that shouting and stress like the last trip's packing.

Friday, 22nd Jun 2018

Today we went to a pub at Leafield for a colleague's farewell lunch. It was lovely and sunny.

Thursday, 21st Jun 2018

Today I sketched Georgie at work today while she sketched me. It was fun, and glad we finally did some lunch time sketching at work.

Wednesday, 20th Jun 2018

Today my Pecha Kucha presentation was surprisingly well received. My colleagues are so nice. I did some YouTube (Croquis Cafe) life drawing quickies in the evening.

Tuesday, 19th Jun 2018

Today Harriet only woke once, but Owen woke up 4 times in the night! So once again, we were all tired and grumpy. I spent the evening preparing the slides for my Pecha Kucha presentation at work tomorrow. Don't like public speaking and was nervous.

Monday, 18th Jun 2018

Today Harriet woke up in the night and cried from 3:30am to 7:30am. None of us got much sleep. In the day I took Owen on the train to Oxford. We had a lovely picnic lunch at Christ Church meadow and had a lovely walk by the river (me pushing him on a pushchair as it was too much for him to walk). But by the time we got home I was tired and aching from all that pushing, and annoyed with him for refusing to walk, that we both got grumpy.

Sunday, 17th Jun 2018

Today we went to Witney to buy grocery as I was really too bored to stay at home. Owen was throwing tantrums about going out, but in the end they all had fun outside. In the evening, we watched telly.

Saturday, 16th Jun 2018

Today Harriet was thankfully better, though I was still out of action most of the day with migraine.

Friday, 15th Jun 2018

Today Harriet was sent home for the vomiting bug and threw up all over Peter 3 times. I came home early too due to migraine, so couldn't help much.

Thursday, 14th Jun 2018

Today I was exhausted again and we went to the children's nursery's birthday party after work and ended up having dinner at 8:30pm and putting the children to bed at 9:30pm! There was quite a bit of shouting and tears involved. In the middle of the night Harriet woke again, but I decided to stop night feeding. So she cried for a long time and Peter had to attend to her for a long time. Someday I'll look back and find the humour in this.

Wednesday, 13th Jun 2018

Today Harriet woke at 4am for a feed and then threw up all over me, the sofa and herself, and then she was fully awake. Took me ages to put her back to sleep, and then get back to sleep myself and then it was time for work! Not fair!

Tuesday, 12th Jun 2018

Today Harriet had a long afternoon nap so it was nearly 5pm when we went to the park to play.