Saturday, 19th Jan 2019

Today we went to Witney to get supplies and to cut the boys' hair. Harriet didn't nap. In the evening I did some lino cutting till late.

Friday, 18th Jan 2019

Today poor Owen tripped on the way to school and bashed his face. I worked from home and was frustrated about the work I had to do. Glad it's the weekend.

Thursday, 17th Jan 2019

Today I had to work on updates for some legacy Drupal sites and was rather grumpy about it. In the afternoon Owen had his second tennis lesson in freezing conditions! In the evening we watched Black Mirror Bandersnatch for unnecessarily long as I just had to try out all the possible endings.

Wednesday, 16th Jan 2019

Today despite sleeping super early last night, I still woke up tired and grumpy. Owen cried in the morning again because he thought it was the weekend and wanted to play and was disappointed he had to go to school. I came home rather grumpy from bad day at work, and so was Owen, from bad day at school. Harriet got bitten on the cheek by another child at nursery, so she also had a bad day, though she seemed way more cheerful than us two.

Tuesday, 15th Jan 2019

Today I went to bed right after putting the children to bed (around 9pm)! In the morning, when we woke Owen up for school, he was super tired and cried because he didn't want to wake up. We were all tired somehow.

Monday, 14th Jan 2019

Today Harriet woke very early and then wouldn't nap. She had a massive tantrum on the way home from toddler group because she wanted to go the library. After lunch I finally gave in and took her out to the library. When out, she was super friendly to everyone, apparently desperate to socialise. Poor her, such an extrovert born to unsociable parents. We finally finished watching Killing Eve in the evening, hopefully once we finish everything we wanted to watch on telly, we will be more productive.

Sunday, 13th Jan 2019

Today the children were quite engrossed in magic sand in the morning. We stayed home all day trying to get Harriet to nap, and she was rather poorly and didn't want to sleep though she was clearly exhausted. Same in the evening.

Saturday, 12th Jan 2019

Today Daisy came and took Owen swimming. He was super happy. Harriet seemed poorly and had been waking in the night.

Thursday, 10th Jan 2019

Today Owen had a tennis lesson, and loved it. In the evening we started watching Killing Eve. Uh oh. Too much telly and too much crisps but I seem addicted.

Wednesday, 9th Jan 2019

Today I was supposed to give Owen all my attention after school to help him with reading etc, but he was too tired to study, and so we only played a little and he wanted to be left alone. In the evening we finally finished all episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So now I might be able to start drawing again.

Tuesday, 8th Jan 2019

Today was my first day of work this year. It was nice to see everyone again. It was a lovely sunny day too. And when I picked up the children after school, they were so happy, it made me happy too. 

Monday, 7th Jan 2019

Today I had a migraine from forgetting caffeine yesterday, and so couldn't take Harriet to toddler group or to do something more interesting. When I went to get Owen from school, he had a tantrum about the teachers (and me) not letting him eat the sweets from his classmate's birthday while at school. Though afterwards we had a big talk about sugars and sweeties and he seemed to understand. I just wish people would stop giving out bags of sweets in school. 

Sunday, 6th Jan 2019

Today we went to Witney to get supplies and then I spent 3hrs making a massive dinner to freeze for the week. I felt better after having a little snooze in the morning. So thankful for our lovely children. They were especially endearing at bedtime, such happy little things. I'll try my best to savour every bit of it.

Saturday, 5th Jan 2019

Today we went to Banbury Hill Farm for a walk. Harriet didn't have a walk and was a handful.

Friday, 4th Jan 2019

Today I especially arranged for Harriet to be at nursery so I could take Owen out on a bus trip to Oxford. It was a beautiful sunny day too and we had a great time. As a result of so much happiness, he had been a super good boy, and was extra nice to Harriet in the evening, so she was happy too. It was a perfect day.

Thursday, 3rd Jan 2019

Today Owen finally came home! Harriet was overexcited about that and about seeing Daisy, so she was very hyper and noisy, driving Owen to tears! Suddenly I was very busy and flustered again.

Wednesday, 2nd Jan 2019

Today I stayed home with Harriet and didn't do very much. Owen decided to stay another day at grandparent's house. Harriet was busy feeding and changing nappies for her babies and puppy and Mickey Mouse, and so I sat around and relaxed while she fretted.

Tuesday, 1st Jan 2019

Today was happy new year! We didn't do much as it was too cold and rainy for a walk. Harriet ate loads and loads. We did more spring cleaning. Come to think of it, I didn't do very much at all. It's bank holiday, new year resolutions start tomorrow.

Monday, 31st Dec 2018

Today was New Year's eve. Peter got back to work and I was home with Harriet all day, doing some spring cleaning.