Sunday, 19th Mar 2017

Today I still didn't get much sleep, but we went to Witney anyway, and Owen was quite happy. When we came back, both children fell asleep in the car and napped till dinner time.

Friday, 17th Mar 2017

Today I was still feeling chills and tingling, and baby was still not feeding well. A bit worried about her. On the plus side, I've finally managed to get her to sleep in her crib (and not on me).

Thursday, 16th Mar 2017

Today I felt ill and tired, might be coming down with a cold, and baby seemed ill too and was refusing to feed.

Tuesday, 14th Mar 2017

Today we had to take baby to have her jaundice level checked again. Afterwards we went to pick Owen up at preschool and showed off our new baby.

Monday, 13th Mar 2017

Today I finally got to stay home all day! It was a lovely sunny day, and was quite relaxing. Owen was mostly happy and good and I didn't get angry or sad.

Sunday, 12th Mar 2017

Today we went to Chipping Norton for lunch and then to the midwives for a checkup. Owen was very happy all day.

Saturday, 11th Mar 2017

Today we went to Witney with our 2 children, and it wasn't too bad. Grandma came down to meet us later on and stayed the weekend.

Friday, 10th Mar 2017

Today baby seemed to have finished her growth spurt and started to sleep longer and settle better. Quite a nice relaxing day for me!