Monday, 13th Jan 2020

Today I took Harriet to Oxford on the train for my hospital checkup. Thankfully I managed to arrange a play date for Owen so I didn't have to rush back. Harriet did a lot of good walking and everyone was charmed by her.

Sunday, 12th Jan 2020

Today Owen's friend Maddie, came over for play date. We made a lemon drizzle cake. In the evening we started watching Dracula.

Saturday, 11th Jan 2020

Today I woke up late with a headache and my throat hurting again. We went to Witney to get supplies and didn't do much else. In the evening I searched for book shelves online instead of drawing. 

Friday, 10th Jan 2020

Today I worked from home. I picked Owen up after school and he entertained himself while I continued working. I still didn't do any drawing at all in the evening. Seem to find it quite hard to get back into the creative routine again!

Thursday, 9th Jan 2020

Today miraculously the pain was almost gone! Just feeling rather numbed in my throat. Maybe the nerves had rotted away. I went to the preschool to send in Harriet's application. Quite excited. She's going to love it.

Wednesday, 8th Jan 2020

Today I was better but still sore, so I worked from home. Can't seem to get my brain to work properly. Also from lack of sleep caused by pain.

Tuesday, 7th Jan 2020

Today I was sorely ill with the most excruciating sore throat I'd ever had and couldn't get out of bed.

Monday, 6th Jan 2020

Today I was in agony over a terrible sore throat and needed constant painkillers. Didn’t get to do anything I wanted with the kids. We just stayed home all day again.

Sunday, 5th Jan 2020

Today I wrote a longish blog post on my art blog. Other than that we didn’t do much. I was coming down with a cold. The James Gurney wrote to me! But that’s only because of some problem with something I bought from his shop. Still, I am honored. He was super nice.

Saturday, 4th Jan 2020

Today again I didn't get to do any outdoor sketching. Was a bit fed up with the kids, and have got a bad sore throat. However I did book our Easter and May holidays before they are all booked up. Yay, go mum!

Friday, 3rd Jan 2020

Today I started work for the first time after the long Christmas break. Everyone in the house was still asleep when I got up to get ready for work. It was so nice and peaceful I am tempted to start an Art before Breakfast routine this year. When I returned home from work, Harriet gave me the warmest welcome.

Thursday, 2nd Jan 2020

Today I was on holiday and stayed home with the kids while Peter went to work. I converted an old baby changing bag to a sketching bag. This must be significant! Meanwhile too many art project ideas in my head. Need to make some decisions and actually make something!

Wednesday, 1st Jan 2020

Today is New Year's day! I have thought of some very good resolutions. We stayed at home planning holidays, and dreaming about all the wonderful things we're going to do this year.

Sunday, 22nd Sep 2019

Today we went to Lydia's house in London to celebrate Artie's birthday. The children went wild with fun. I made balloon animals!

Saturday, 21st Sep 2019

Today we went to the Charlbury Street Fair a bit too early, but had a lovely picnic at the Memorial Hall, and cake for lunch. Owen won a teddy!

Friday, 20th Sep 2019

Today I felt empowered working on a project I had dreaded at work, but which was now suddenly all simple and clear to me. Level up!

Thursday, 19th Sep 2019

Today the lounge was filled with balloon animals when the children woke. It was a lovely surprise and they thought I was the best. :)

Wednesday, 18th Sep 2019

Today the balloons I ordered arrived and Owen and I learnt to make balloon animals by watching Youtube videos. It was so addictive I stayed up till 2am making them! The children were well impressed.

Sunday, 15th Sep 2019

Today after 2 days of swearing, I finally managed to put my new drawing blog (without content) up on Heroku, with Amazon S3, Cloudflare and all that fashionable bells and whistles. So it was just one word I missed which stumped me all weekend, and made a 2hr task into a 2 days one. But it's up there now! More details coming soon...